Frequently Asked Questions

Who won?!

After much deliberation, the judges have chosen the winners of the 2015 Hackathon for Humanity! Winners have been notified, but they have been asked to keep it a secret until the awards ceremony on October 23rd. Don’t forget to get your ticket!

What if I qualify for multiple roles (ie. Alumni and Staff)?

You may choose either role to participate as, as long as the role you choose does not disqualify your team.

I am a Postdoc. What role should I choose?

You may participate as either a student or staff as long as your choice does not disqualify your team.

I have multiple majors, one of which is computer science. Is my team still qualified?

Yes. As long as someone on the team has computer science as a major, they qualify as the computer science student team member.

Where can I get some advice about app development?

H4H has enlisted the help of three wonderful experts who can answer your questions about app implementation! If you have questions about development, feel free to send them an email.

Can my team maintain code with a version control system?

Of course! We recommend it. However, we are not providing any VCS hosting. You may use any hosting service you please, and you are welcome to keep your code private until after submissions are complete.

As long as your final submission meets the H4H requirements, we don’t care how you decide to maintain your code.

I already have a team. Can we join?

As long as your team meets the eligibility requirements defined on the rules page, you may join as a team. Just sign up for the Hackathon, one person create the team and invite the other members.

Do we have to be on a team to join?

Not at all. You can sign up for the event and browse current teams. When you find one that you are interested in, request to join the team. Individuals may also participate themselves, but we encourage group collaboration.

My friend wants to join my team but we already have five members? Can they join?

Teams are limited to a maximum of five members and members cannot be removed once they join your team. Your friend could form a second team or join another team that is looking for more members.

I cannot be in Rolla. Can I still participate?

Yes! The Hackathon for Humanity is designed for remote participants. You do not have to be on campus. We encourage you to join us for the awards ceremony at the end, however you are not required to do so in order to win any prizes.

Who are the judges?

Judges will be comprised of Missouri S&T Computer Science Academy members and successful entrepreneurs

Can graduate students participate?

Absolutely! Any Missouri S&T student, alumni, faculty, and staff may participate as long as the team composition meets eligibility requirements stated in the rules.

What if I can’t program?

This is a great place to learn! Also, teams will have to create a video presentation for the judges, therefore teams will need someone who is good at video editing and presentations.

What if I have a great idea? Who owns it?!

Since the goal of this event is to produce apps that benefit local communities and society, we require that all submissions be licensed under the MIT license for open source. However, you are the authors and own the copyright. During the awards ceremony, participants may be approached by successful entrepreneurs to further your project. See our rules for more details.