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Choosing a meeting place is hard, especially as your group gets larger and distances get greater. Finding that perfect place requires taking into consideration everyone’s preferences without leaving anyone out. Centerof.us is here to make this process a snap for anyone, just create a meeting and share the link with anyone you want to be a part of your group. It's that easy! All members can set what places they prefer to meet so decisions are made democratically with everyone’s input. In real-time, as more people join and change their preferences, the meeting creator will see suggestions for meeting places that are centralized and are the types of places that the group is agreeable with. The meeting creator selects one of these places to finalize the meeting location and any member can receive directions to the meeting.


Our project improves the inefficient process of charitable donation by connecting donors and recipients and allowing for low effort, automatic, free exchanges between them. This is accomplished through the joint use of a web based and mobile services, using the same database. Utilizing a mobile cloud computing and distributed systems system, we have developed a service that can act in real time, draw from data from both mobile and web users, and lead the users to the location of the charity or donor. The service also utilizes geo-location data to provide users with a local view of charities/donors in their area as well as establishments looking for volunteers. All of this allows for a faster, more efficient way for people to conduct giving. Bringing the world together one act of kindness at a time.

Hobby Cooperative

At Hobby Cooperative, our goal is to facilitate the sharing of tools and equipment across communities. Our platform is targeted towards those in temporary need of such equipment, as well as new hobbyists eager to gain experience with professional equipment. No longer must we spend great sums of money for new equipment we may never use again! Why not borrow from your neighbor? With Hobby Cooperative, both novice and experienced hobbyists, people in need and people eager to help, can come together easily and help one another out.


The goal of our application is to give people a place to do the things they love. Its simple and easy to use interface allows nearby people to communicate with each other, through the use of Google Maps. Once in the application, click the menu button in the bottom right, and then the 'add location' button. A ping will be dropped on the map, which you can drag around the map. Clicking the accept button brings you to a final page, where you have the ability to input information like 'name,' type of hobby, and a short description before submitting the ping. This allows other users to see the ping on the map.


NOTEX is a chat application for phones (Android OS) made to keep drivers from texting while driving by leveraging social interactions with computer technologies. When a person attempts to send a text while driving, the message is flagged and the recipient sees a message informing them that the sender is currently driving. This encourages the recipient to postpone conversation, which in turn encourages the driver to wait until after the car is stopped to text.


SafeRides offers a way for the people of a community to travel when they are not able to safely drive themselves. It combines the concepts of “designated drivers” and “mobile taxi services” to provide individuals with a convenient way to obtain a ride when needed. When the app is opened, a map view is displayed with a pin on the user’s current location. The user can choose to be picked up at that location, or they can designate a new pick-up location by searching an address or a location name such as “Taco Bell”, which queries their local area. He or she can also designate a default “Home” location in the Settings window. Then, the user clicks “Request”, and a notification is sent to nearby drivers in the area that are part of their network. In the future, we would like to notify the user about the estimated time of arrival of the driver, and to allow the user to specify a destination location so that the drivers are aware of this beforehand. The ride does not have a price, but the user can look at his or her history to see who drove them, and then he or she can donate money to that driver as a “Thank You”. This app is applicable and scalable to all communities. The drivers are volunteers who apply online to a designated community. The driver’s app interface will be slightly different, but they will also be able to request rides when needed. Due to a short amount of time, we were not able to implement all of the functionalities in the app that are necessary; but given the opportunity, we will develop it further until it is a fully- functioning service.


Imagine the fun you could have when you put a group of good friend in a study group. STUBY is a social study group platform that allows you to create and join study group with your friends, to offer tutoring to other students in the subjects that you mastered, and to meet new friends who share your hobbies outside of school. Study groups cultivate concentrated and helpful environments to boost students’ academic performance. This is especially useful to students who are new to the school environment and culture. STUBY revolutionizes traditional study group concept by linking it to study-assisting games and activities through web applications and mobile apps to engage students. In this new dimension of studying, STUBY incorporates the essence of social interactions and draw students who share similar hobbies together through study groups. By "stubying" together, STUBY could integrate the process of proactive learning into our daily activity!


TechKnowledge is a site created to connect those that need technology for learning with those that have excess electronics. Each user can submit a project profile which highlights the user's technological needs, a description of the project, and location of the user. Users looking to donate their excess electronics can browse project profiles to decide on a cause to donate to. In order to maximize efficiency, users in need can search for items donors have available. At the beginning stages of this site, TechKnowledge will only put users in contact with each other based on location so that donating items is convenient. If users are under a certain age, messages sent through TechKnowledge will be sent to the user's parents. By making donating convenient more electronics will be reaching the hands of those that need them rather than causing environmental harm in landfills or going to waste in cluttered basements across the world. TechKnowledge allows users to connect to promote learning through technology and electronics without money or availability being a factor.


TravelSafe uses the worlds largest event database to arm travelers with information to keep themselves safe. Although travel safety notification programs have existed through governments and other organizations for years, this new application changes the way we can explore historical data for ourselves. Being able to map and query different types of events that occurred in specific locations can be used for education on cultural, political, and business incidents that may affect travel destinations - and could potentially lead to unstable or unsafe environments. Get connected to thousands of events occurring around the world every day; Use TravelSafe.